Inspiring Women is series of 10 short films focusing on the lives and achievements of inspirational contemporary women of South Asian Muslim heritage. These powerful interviews will explore the lives, achievements and careers of female role-models from a range of backgrounds and industries, from politics to education to sport.

Meet Naz Shah, the Member of Parliament for Bradford West. Naz’s life has seen her consistently defy the statistics to become the success story she is today. Raised in poverty by a single parent, she was sent to Pakistan for a few years at the age of 12 so save her from her home situation. When her mum was jailed for the murder of her abuser, Naz set about campaigning tirelessly for her release, which led to her getting involved in politics. Learning management and translation skills through a mix of training and peer support, she eventually contested and won her seat in Parliament in 2015, and currently serves as Labour Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion.

Part of Bradford Inspired, funded by Building A Stronger Britain Together