Writers explore places of their childhood and the impact that leaving those places behind had on their adult lives. This event is a conversation between people who have experienced various circumstances that created an attachment to a place. Memory of Places showcases how people manifest their memories of a place once that site no longer exists or when they inhabit a new place. Our speakers will delve into memoirs, poetry and novels inspired by their own lives to write about the journey of a static place.

Aamer Hussein was born and brought up in Karachi, but moved to London in 1970 as a teenager. His notable works include Mirror to the Sun, This Other Salt, Insomnia, Another Gulmohar Tree, 37 Bridges, and Hermitage. He published Zindagi se Pehle, his first collection of stories in Urdu, in 2020. His most recent work is Restless: Instead of an Autobiography.

Fatima Ijaz is based in Karachi and teaches English at the Institute of Business Administration. She has studied English at York University, Canada and Eastern Michigan University, USA. Her book The Shade of Longing and Other Poems, published by The Little Book Company, delves into memory, place and relationships.

Umi Sinha is a writer, creative writing tutor, oral storyteller and fellow of the Royal Literary Fund. Her novel Belonging, set in India and Sussex between the uprising of 1857 and the First World War, was published in 2015 and short- and long-listed for several awards. She is currently working on a second novel.

Hoori Noorani runs the Karachi Publishing House Maktaba-e-Danyal. Following her early education in Karachi, she graduated with a Master’s degree in Philology with a major in comparative literature from the People’s Friendship University, Moscow. She is also trained in Indian classical dance.

Producers of the Future: From Keighley to Karachi is a ground-breaking international collaboration between Bradford Literature Festival, UK, and Adab Festival in Pakistan, with the aim of developing female talent and leadership in the arts and culture sector.

The development programme featured 10 women selected from Pakistan and Bradford who collaborated digitally to produce a series of online events.