How will you feel “When All of This is Over…”? This series of five beautiful poetry films by international poets and diverse visual artists explore visions of life in a post-pandemic world.

For his poem, Tehzeeb Hafi was inspired by a line from revered Sufi saint and poet Khawaja Ghulam Farid – “For forlorn dwellings will flourish again”.

Zain Ul Abdeen & Sohaib Mugheera Siddiqui’s accompanying film journeys from Farid’s resplendent shrine in Koth Mithan, Pakistan, to the sands of the Tharparkar Desert, to the banks of the River Indus. With the recitation we see snapshots of life in myriad forms: a young woman performing the classical Bharatnatyam dance in the courtyard of the Fakir Khana Museum in Old Lahore, a group of men perform the traditional ‘jhoomar’ dance on the riverbanks. On and on life goes. And as the poet pens his lines, his poetry becomes for him both “a hope and a prayer”.

Poem by Tehzeeb Hafi
Film by Zain ul Abdeen & Sohaib Mugheera Siddiqui
Produced by Fatima Mullick

Part of BradfordInspired, funded by Building A Stronger Britain Together.