How will you feel “When All of This is Over…”? This series of five beautiful poetry films by international poets and diverse visual artists explore visions of life in a post-pandemic world.

Poet Polarbear, aka Steven Camden, explains the ideas behind his piece:

“My intention was to write something that zoomed in on those thoughts that I think have been running through all our heads, particularly those of us who live alone. I was very keen for the words to be spoken by someone less enamoured by technology and social media etc. than a lot of us, who might feel even more cut off by the restrictions.

I think it’s important to not assume things will go back to ’normal’ in terms of a return to what was before, and more to think about a new normal that has all we have been through ingrained in it. The world has changed because we have changed and we changed because we’ve had to. 

I wanted to remember and celebrate the simple pleasures that we will hopefully be able to bring back into our lives soon enough.”

Poem by Polarbear
Film by Louis Murrall

Part of Bradford Inspired, funded by Building A Stronger Britain Together.