How will you feel “When All of This is Over…”? This series of five beautiful poetry films by international poets and diverse visual artists explore visions of life in a post-pandemic world.

Filmmaker One6th Animation Studio say:

“Our film depicts two settings – firstly, the interior of a home office and in the distance, a new day is breaking in the city. Whilst both these spaces are fictional, they reinforce a point of view we’ve all shared over the past year. Having spent a great deal of time indoors, we aimed to convey feelings of claustrophobia but with an element of hope on the horizon.

For us, Anthony’s poem deals with themes of lockdown and more broadly, life and mortality. In the film, Anthony’s character struggles with the diary and its menacing bookmark, which represents both lockdown and the past. Despite his struggles, Anthony adapts and evolves, ultimately sacrificing and letting go of a piece of himself in order to move forward. We hope this will resonate with audiences, who themselves have had to make sacrifices of their own over the past year.”

Poem by Anthony Anaxagorou
Film by One6th Animation Studio

Director, Cinematographer and Editor – Baz Sells
Producers – Ben Jackson, Baz Sells
Art Director and Puppet Maker – Sanna Räsänen
Animators – Susan Guy, Steve Boot, Jonathan Garvey
Modelmakers – Sanna Räsänen, Jess Deacon, Emily Mills
After Effects and VFX – Eliot Eden, Adam Horvath
Runner / Rigging / Motion Control – Jonathan Garvey
Sound and Music – Picturesonix, London
Sound Recordist – Sam Rowe
Recording Studio – Fossil Studios, London
Stock Footage – Videvo, © [Algol] / Adobe Stock


Part of Bradford Inspired, funded by Building A Stronger Britain Together