Welcome to our inaugural Culture Sector Industry Day, curated and delivered by Bradford Literature Festival, in association with Provident Financial Group, taking place at The Re:Centre (also known as The Bright Building) on The University of Bradford campus, on Friday 29th June.

The conference will be open to organisations operating in any discipline or on any scale, and welcomes delegates from local, regional, and national organisations. Whilst the sessions may be of most use to management and director level individuals, there is no set requirement of seniority for delegates.

Showcasing best practice, considering the challenges that lie ahead for the sector, and offering the opportunity for relationship building between organisations, the Industry Day will open with a keynote from Darren Henley, Chief Executive, Arts Council England, followed by panel discussions, Q&A sessions, workshops and round table events.

Tickets are priced at just £7 for the day and lunch is provided.

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9am – 9.30am: Welcome drinks

9.30am – 10.30am: Introduction and Keynote Speeches

Speeches confirmed as: Darren Henley, CEO of Arts Council England and Malcolm Le May, CEO Provident Financial Group

11am – 1pm: Morning Session

1.15pm – 2.30pm: Lunch and Networking

2.45pm – 4.45pm: Afternoon session

5pm – 6pm: Networking


Morning Session

Your choice of one of the following three sessions:

  • Sponsorship – Re:Centre

This session will focus on how to build and nurture strong relationships in the world of private sponsorship. From developing title sponsorship relationships with FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies, to how regional and local companies can offer smaller scale but vital funding and sponsorship in-kind, to an exploration of how private benefactors and individuals with a track record in philanthropic giving, can provide much needed financial diversification and resilience to organisations operating on all scales.
The session will offer practical, tangible advice into building sponsorship relationships, at a time when private giving may seem like a less viable option.


David Johnson – Cause 4, Head of Programme, Arts, Fundraising & Philanthropy

Matthew Roberts – Leeds Community Foundation, Head of Business Development

Jared Shurin – Strategy Director, M&C Saatchi

  • Diversity – Re:Centre

The Creative Case for Diversity has been a hot topic in the Arts and Culture sector, and a key concern for many organisations, for some time. Achieving true racial, socioeconomic, ability, and orientation and gender diversity is a huge task – so how can organisations ensure that they are embodying the aims of the Creative Case in their practice?
This session will examine why the Creative Case for Diversity matters and how organisations can ensure that their work is accessible to diverse audiences in all senses. With practitioners drawn from across a variety of diverse backgrounds, we will also discuss how the industry can work towards a more diverse workforce, how to build up a diverse roster of artists, and how to develop the careers of artists from groups not as well represented in the sector.


Abid Hussain – Director, Diversity, Arts Council England

Henna Zamurd-Butt – Media Diversified, Journalist

  • Data – Re:Centre

Audience data is key to the development of cultural organisations; from informing programme content and tour schedules, and growing audiences sustainably, to targeting marketing, unlocking sponsorship, funding and building other revenue streams, and of course crucially, reporting – audience data rightly informs all of our activity, from end to end.
In this session, we’ll unlock the potential of audience data overall, explore the increasingly important role of Audience Finder, consider more creative ways to capture and use data, and look to the future of data analysis, guided by experts specializing in data in the culture sector.


Oliver Mantell – The Audience Agency

Afternoon session

Your choice of one of the following four sessions:

  • Education -Re:Centre

Curating and delivering a Schools Programme, or other educational outreach work alongside other cultural activity can seem like a daunting prospect; from securing funding to curating a programme that is connected strongly to the main activity of the organization, to the needs of the schools in delivering the National Curriculum, and connected to the needs of the community in which the programme is running. A successful Education Programme also relies on building strong relationships with local education providers and practitioners.

The community benefits of engagement with a well delivered Education Programme are indisputable – but how can organisations ensure that their core activity translates in a compelling and legitimate way to the National Curriculum? What is the best way to engage Schools and local education providers? And how can the impact of Education Programmes be measured and reported, to ensure renewed funding, and continued interest from education providers? All of this and more will be covered in this session that offers both an introduction and a review of ‘best practice’ for organisations with existing programmes, and those looking to establish an Education Programme for the first time.


Sarah Mumford – IVE, Cultural Education Director

Ali Mawle – Cheltenham Festivals, Director for Education

  • Fundraising – Re:Centre

This session is intended to provide the opportunity to think about how organisations across the sector can be effective fundraisers, understanding what grant making organisations (e.g. ACE, trusts and funds) are looking for when going through the decision making process. The discussion will also explore how to write compelling bids, and how to put together budgets that will realistically allow for project delivery.

The session will be open to organisations operating on a variety of scales, with various existing levels of funding and will be broad enough to feel relevant to all attendees, but also have tangible learnings/ reinforce bid writing “best practice”, for more experienced fundraisers.


Catherine Roe – More Partnership, Strategic Advisor

Jane Tarr – Arts Council England, Director

  • Bookseller Round Table – Re:Centre

This round table, in association with The Bookseller, is open to independent publishers from across Yorkshire and the North of England.
The London-centric nature of publishing, with the nation’s major publishing houses based in the capital, has come under scrutiny in recent years for a lack of diversity and inclusivity and the predominance of white, middle-class concerns within the industry. The effect this bias has on writers, readers and aspiring publishers is profound, and raises questions of how industry outputs can reflect society outside of London under the current model.

The Bookseller, as the industry’s leading trade publication, would like to address this bias in a round table discussion open to northern independent publishers. The session is intended to explore ways in which compatible PR experiences, and development opportunities can be opened up to smaller, regional publishers.

Chaired by Philip Jones –  The Bookseller, Editor

  • Leaders Quest Workshop -Re:Centre

Leaders Quest work with leaders in business, government and civil society, to catalyse change on individual, organizational, and systemic levels, supporting and nurturing individuals, and giving them the opportunity for personal growth and enhanced influence that can effect real change.

This two hour workshop, titled Living and Leading At Our Best, will consider both the shared purpose of organisations working across the sector, and the individual opportunities and challenges that leaders in the culture sector face, in an evidence-based session that will offer tangible take-home learnings.

Our inner game drives our outer game. When we trust ourselves, we take more risks. When we honour our own values, we work better with others. When we’re open to different perspectives, we’re more creative. In this intimate, reflective workshop Leaders Quest will explore the key inner qualities that help us live, work and lead at our best.


 Melanie Jamieson – Leadersquest, Partner

Eric Levine – Leadersquest, Partner