On the surface, A Voyage From Kashmir chronicles the life of author Aamnah Rahman’s father, Abdul Rehman Khan. From entering the British Indian Army at just 16 years old, to witnessing the partition of the Indian subcontinent, Rahman’s esteemed experiences span eight decades and are full of first-hand glimpses at many key moments in both South Asian and British culture.

However, the story of Rahman’s father is also intertwined with personal accounts of the many struggles experienced by Kashmiri/Pakistani immigrants during their transition from their homeland to the West.

During this live in-conversation event, Rahman discusses this touching, pertinent and deeply personal story with writer Irna Qureshi.

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About The Author

Aamnah Rahman

Aamnah is Bradford born and bred and works as community researcher in Bradford. She decided to write about her father’s story to highlight the experiences of his generation and the challenges they faced during partition of the Indian Sub-Continent as well as first generation migrants to the UK in the 1950s and 1960s.

About The Chair

Irna Qureshi

Irna is an ethnographer and writer, often using oral testimony to build narratives linking personal stories to broader social themes. She has curated several exhibitions and published books about the development of Britain’s South Asian diaspora heritage, including The Grand Trunk Road: From Delhi to the Khyber Pass.