Known as the ‘Heart of Asia’, Afghanistan boasts a rich cultural heritage and fascinating history that has seen both the birth and demise of numerous empires, but how did this great country become the centre for the West’s war on terror? What is the history of Western and Soviet intervention in the country, and how has this affected Afghani citizens?

Join Paul Rogers, Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford, as he takes a look past the headlines of warfare and aid to understand how the current crisis was created. Join Rogers in conversation to examine where Afghanistan is now, after two decades of warfare and a new Taliban government, and ask what the future holds.

About The Academic

Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers is Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University. He trained originally as a biologist, lectured at Imperial College and worked in East Africa on tropical crop research before working on environmental conflicts and joining Peace Studies in 1979. His research is on the changing causes of international conflict, especially in relation to political violence, socio-economic divisions and environmental limits to growth.