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In the third episode, Aladdin and Genie manage to escape Margo’s evil clutches and find themselves at the coronation of the new Princess. Aladdin falls in love but he’s going to need to read the third Stolen Story to learn how to win the Princess’ heart.

When you’ve finished this episode, click here to watch episode four or use the Story Maps (linked below) to discover the third Stolen Story – The Three Princes.

Download and print the accompanying Activity Booklet to read and play along at home:

View or download the Story Map for your local park here:

Download the map and follow it to find QR code posters hidden around your local park which will unlock the Found Stories. You’ll need a smart phone or tablet with a QR code scanner and access to the internet.

If you’re shielding, or can’t get to one of the parks listed above, click on the link below to use our Stay-At-Home Story Map and discover the Found Stories from home:

Click here to find out more about Aladdin and the Stolen Stories.

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