This year the Bradford Literature Festival is welcoming a very special guest. Visual artist Lou Sumray will be our first documenter-in-residence, capturing the atmosphere of the festival with her polymath’s palette by blending pen and ink drawings, charcoal work, painting and digital sketches of the sights she sees as she roams the city.

What will the results be like? That depends on the events, but also on you, us, and the moments we create together. “I like to use a variety of drawing mediums, but I quite often don’t know which I am going to use when I start drawing because it depends on the atmosphere of the setting, the theme of what is being talked about, the time of day, the lighting,” says Lou. “Sometimes I change halfway through if the material I’ve chosen doesn’t feel right to me when I am trying to capture the moment.”

You’ll be able to see her work on our website throughout the festival, so keep checking back to find out how the days have inspired Lou, and what the festival looks like through an artist’s eyes.

About The Artist

Lou Sumray

Lou Sumray has lived in Bradford for 30 years and is primarily a painter who is particularly passionate about drawing. Her sketch books have been important travelling companions while visiting North and South America, Syria, Lebanon, mainland Europe and Pakistan. In the past year she has had a trilogy of solo exhibitions at South Square Gallery and The Dyehouse Gallery, both in Bradford.