Jane Austen’s popularity extends across the globe, from South America to South Korea, with societies, reading groups and enthusiasts gathering together to revel in the romance, fashion and high society of her work.

Far from Austen’s home in Southern England, the metropolitan elite of Pakistan, mostly women, hold Regency afternoon teas in honour of their favourite novelist. In a society where a good marriage is still the key to a prosperous future, the world of Austen’s writing, which to British readers seems old fashioned and quaint, is very real and entirely relevant for many young women.

In this fascinating talk, Moni Mohsin, author of Austen-inspired novels such as Duty Free and member of the Jane Austen Society of Islamabad, sheds light on this lesser-known aspect of Austen’s legacy. This unique event will provide a fascinating glimpse into a culture that may, at first glance, seem far away, but that is linked closely to ours through a shared love of all things Austen.

About The Speaker

Moni Mohsin

Moni Mohsin was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan. Now based in London, she is a freelance journalist and author of two novels, the prize winning The End of Innocence and Duty Free. Her best selling collection of satirical columns, The Dairy of a Social Butterfly and The Return of the Butterfly, are based on her long running column for the Pakistani weekly, The Friday Times.

About The Chair

Jodie Matthews

Jodie is an academic and critic specialising in 19th-century literature and culture and the ways in which we interpret texts from that period. She is a proud feminist and left-winger, and firmly believes in research and writing that is politically aware and engaged.