They may be Haworth’s most famous family, but who exactly are the Brontës? What are they famous for and how has their influence permeated pop culture, past and present? 

Kicking off our annual Brontë Day, this Brontë for Beginners session will clue you in on everything you need to know about Bradford’s iconic literary family, the influence their work has had in different parts of the world, and the discussions their writing has inspired over the years. 

Join us as, led by writer, poet, northerner and Brontë superfan Kate Fox, we introduce you to the family’s history and works.

About The Author

Headshot of author Kate Fox

Kate Fox

Kate Fox is a stand-up poet and has performed everywhere from the Glastonbury Festival to Radio 4. Kate has been a radio journalist, a Victoria Wood tribute act (called Victoria Wouldn’t) and newspaper columnist and does really hold a PHD in Northerness. As well as her poetry and touring, Kate writes and campaigns about neurodiversity. She lives in Whitley Bay and is the author of Where There’s Muck, There’s Bras: The Lost Stories of The Amazing Women of the North, out now from HarperNorth.