10:15 | 12:15 | 14:15 (45mins)              Free drop-in

Storyteller Belinda will whisk you away to the remote, lush island of Thrinacia, heralding the tale of the two goddesses, Lampetia and Phaethousa, daughters of Helios the sun god. Their job is to guard their father’s immortal herds. This is no easy task! 

With shepherd crooks more powerful than Thor’s hammer, these two sun sisters battle against the winds of change and the terrible tides that bring monsters and murders to their shores. Can they protect their herds from the greatest threat of all? Join Belinda to find out!

All ages welcome.

Please note: this is a free drop-in event with 45 min sessions starting at 10:15, 12:15 and 14:15.

About The Performer

Performer, Belinda McKenna-Bicknell dressed in a steam punk outfit and casting a magic spell in front of a brick wall

Belinda McKenna-Bicknell

Belinda McKenna-Bicknell, lives in Surrey with her husband Jack. Belinda is award winning storyteller whose oral storytelling performances are described as energetic, quirky, passionate, intelligent, and thought provoking.   

Belinda’s repertoire includes traditional, folk, historical, personal, modern, spontaneous, original, and commissioned stories. She works part-time with the NHS on the Patient Storytelling Project enabling patients to create their own digital stories.  

Belinda is the owner of a beautiful Mongolian yurt called the ‘Curious House of Stories’ that travels with her around the country entrancing and enthralling audiences wherever they go.