“All men by nature desire to know” wrote Aristotle, 2500 years ago, in his ground-breaking treatise On the Heavens – an attempt to make sense of the Universe and man’s place within it.

Today’s world has evolved into a fast-moving, complex reality where, as science evolves rapidly, knowledge with its long-held ‘truths’ is dissipating before our eyes. Humans remain innately curious beings and as the very nature of truth and fact are debated people are turning to fictions and fantasies offering tempting, reassuring certainties in an uncertain world.

Join one the greatest contemporary thinkers of our age, philosopher A C Grayling and particle physicist Akram Khan as they explore the role of creativity in the construction of knowledge at the intersection between science and philosophy.

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Akram Khan

Akram Khan is a professor of Experimental Particle Physics at Brunel University London, he is also a world leading researcher in the areas of fundamental and applied science.