Since Caitlyn Jenner’s iconic Vogue cover in 2015, transgender issues have been given increasing prominence in the mainstream media. With a growing understanding of gender as more than just a male-female binary, can we move to a future where it no longer matters? Or does our biology still ultimately determine much of our life experience?

Writer and LGBT activist, Juno Dawson, and founder of the Woman’s Equality Party, Catherine Mayer, join event chair, Jodie Matthews, for a frank discussion of the realities of gender in the modern world. This event will explore the ways in which we might challenge the discrimination still faced by women, transgender and non-binary people.

Can we move beyond male and female boundaries and towards a gender-equal world?

About The Speakers

Juno Dawson

Juno Dawson is the multi award­winning author of dark teen thrillers. Her first non­fiction book, Being A Boy, tackled puberty, sex and relationships in a frank and funny fashion, and a follow­up for young LGBT people, This Book is Gay, came out in 2014. Juno is a regular contributor to Attitude Magazine, GT and the Guardian and has contributed to news items concerning sexuality, identity, literature and education on BBC Women’s Hour, Front Row, This Morning and Newsnight.

Catherine Mayer

Catherine Mayer is an author, journalist, and the co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party, which in less than two years has become a significant electoral force. She is a former editor of TIME magazine and the author of Amortality: The Pleasures and Perils of Living Agelessly and Charles: The Heart of a King.

About The Host

Jodie Matthews

Jodie is an academic and critic specialising in 19th-century literature and culture and the ways in which we interpret texts from that period. She is a proud feminist and left-winger, and firmly believes in research and writing that is politically aware and engaged.