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Jungle Tube Puppets

Build a fantastic cardboard tube puppet inspired by the beasts of the jungle! Will you create a terrifying tiger, a mischievous monkey, an entertaining elephant or a testy toucan? Decorate your puppet with brightly coloured tassels and bring it to life by creating your own jungle story.

Jungle Bag Masks

Transform yourself into a fearsome jungle dweller with our simple, growly-faced paper bag masks.  Use simple drawing and collage techniques to create snouts, horns or whiskers, and whatever you do, don’t forget some nice sharp teeth!

Mini Jungles

Create your very own mini paper-craft jungle by manipulating coloured craft paper into curls and tassels, folds and snips. Add tall plants, exotic leaves, and swaying bamboo stalks. Finally, think about which jungle creature might inhabit your forest.

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