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Magical Maps

In this workshop you will create your own map of the magical realms you travel as a witch or wizard. Channel your creative and magical skills using drawing pens, quill pens and coloured inks. Tie your map into a scroll and secure it with a ribbon suitable for travelling via bus or broomstick.


Our wandmaking class is suitable for novice witches and wizards who are beginning their magical journey. We will look at how to personalise your wand with decor ranging from clay, to beads, to thread-wrapping, as well as having the opportunity to learn a few simple-but-effective wand exercises.

Mini Potions for Novices

Our resident potions tutor will be on hand to teach you how to make simple vials and mini bottles of magical potions. You will be taken through the careful stages of this precise craft. The finished potions are suitable to carry as charms or to take home and use within spells.

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