Calling all would-be storytellers: join in on a game of Comic Turns, a collaborative card game where players compete to make the funniest and most exciting story! Each deck of cards features a wonderfully designed comic panel that can be arranged in any order to make countless new comic strips and infinite stories – so be prepared for plot twists.

London based illustrator, Tammy Taylor, will be on hand to get players started in this fun, family-friendly game, perfect for comic book lovers, budding artists, and storytellers alike.

Drop in any time to take part in Comic Turns, or come along at 2pm for a giant version of the game, led by Tammy herself.

Comic Turns is created, designed and published by cartoonist Karen Rubins. Find out more about Comic Turns here.

About The Artist

Tammy Taylor

Tammy Taylor is a London based illustrator who draws manga style comics and art in both traditional and digital media. When she isn’t drawing comics, she teaches others about them and sometimes makes games about them too.