Called “the Romeo and Juliet of the East” by Lord Byron, Nezāmi’s celebrated poem, Layla and Majnun, is a classic of Farsi and Sufi poetry that weaves together mystical and secular sources to create an epic love story. Drawn from an old Bedouin legend originating in the Najad desert, it chronicles a tragic romance filled with forbidden love, self-sacrifice, and heartbreak. Since its creation, Layla and Majnun has influenced large swathes of Middle Eastern literature.

Join us as Jumana Moon adapts this tale by fusing music, and storytelling into a multi-arts performance, breathing new life into a centuries-old narrative with musician Abdullah Mufa on percussion and ney flute.

This two-hour performance will include a short intermission.

About The Speaker

Jumana Moon

Jumana is a traditional oral storyteller with a particular love of stories from Islamic tradition. She tells stories in schools, at festivals, museums and community events across the UK and beyond. She believes that story and creativity are essential for our lives & communities, for both children and adults. 

About The Musician