“It’s easiest to ride a horse in the direction it is going.” In other words, don’t struggle against change; learn to use it to your advantage. This bite sized session explores how we can succeed in this way.

Dealing with change and, more importantly, why some of us unconsciously cannot manage change is a high priority for all individuals. Change management tools can be used by anyone involved in the change process in a business environment. They can be used for leaders that need to implement change or for staff that need to appreciate the change process. 

Ultimately an understanding of change management and our unconscious bias is useful for those that need to understand change both for themselves and for those around them, which really includes everyone.

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About The Speaker

Smita Tharoor

Smita Tharoor is the founder of Tharoor Associates, a training, coaching and organisational development company that understands the significance of the unconscious bias. She is a thought leader on the unconscious bias, key note speaker, trainer and coach who appreciates the importance of stories – both personal and corporate- and their role in defining an organisations identity and practices. Smita Tharoor is a podcaster and hosts a very popular podcast that is heard in 93 countries and is ranked in the top 3%. It is called Between Us: Stories of Unconscious Bias.