We live in a world where there is much focus on our cognitive faculties, yet many of us have lost touch with ‘the Felt Sense’, which is our body’s own wisdom that lies at the very core of much of our experience.

The Islamic tradition often speaks of the body having its own consciousness, separate from the brain, and this is expressed most profoundly in the integration of the body with the mind and soul in the ritual of prayer.

In this talk, Idris Watts will speak about Ibn Arabi’s concept of ‘The Creative Matrix of the Body’, based on a paper written by Samir Mahmoud. He will explore how we can reconnect with our bodies in order to find a fuller expression of ourselves in our daily lives and in communion with God.

About The Speaker

Shaykh Muhammad Idris Watts

Idris Watts has been involved in Islamic education since he accepted Islam in 1998.  Idris’ passion is connecting people to the Quranic Arabic so they can experience it in their lives. His focus is on raising awareness of Islam’s relevance in society today.