The threat of cyberwarfare seems to be growing, as reports of plots to destabilise societies around the world increase, but what does it mean for the average person?

It is commonly accepted that cyberwarfare is being used to shape debates, influence elections and disrupt everyday life, not only in the UK, but across the globe. If you want to know what is really going on, this is the event for you.

This expert panel will examine the threat of cyberwarfare, with guest speakers Daniel Moore, author of Offensive Cyber Operations: Understanding Intangible Warfare, and Nigel Inkster, Senior Adviser for Cyber Security and China at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

About The Speakers

Headshot of Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore has over fifteen years’ experience in the intersection of technology, intelligence and cyber. He holds a PhD from King’s College London and has held roles in the public and private sectors, including with the Israeli military, IBM, Accenture and Facebook. Daniel has published extensively on security issues.

Nigel Inkster Headshot

Nigel Inkster

Nigel Inkster CMG is Senior Advisor at the International Institute for Strategic Studies and a director of geopolitical and intelligence analysis at Enodo Economics, prior to which he worked in the British government dealing with foreign policy and security issues. The author of China’s Cyber Power and The Great Decoupling: China, America and the Struggle for Technological Supremacy, his lifelong fascination with China started when he studied the language and culture at Oxford.