Monsters have feelings, too – even big purple, scaly ones!

When Dave the monster is banished to a ‘retirement cave’ after causing too much of a rock and roll ruckus, he adopts a gentle lifestyle of bubble baths, reading his favourite monster mysteries, and knitting before the fireplace. But when a young upstart named Percival the Brave shows up, determined to defeat ‘the fiendish monster,’ an unlikely friendship emerges.

Join illustrator Sara Ogilvie for a live-drawing event, where kids can use the same tools she used to create Dave the Lonely Monster, all the while learning important lessons about kindness, friendship, and empathy.

About The Author

Sara Ogilvie

Sara Ogilvie is one of Booktrust’s Best New Illustrators. She is the illustrator of Dogs Don’t Do Ballet, The Worst Princess, Sir Lilypad, and Izzy Gizmo. She is also the illustrator of The Detective Dog by Julia Donaldson. She studied Illustration and Printmaking at Edinburgh College of Art and now lives in Newcastle.