Ever wondered how the pea felt when it was squished under twenty mattresses AND a princess? Considered what Rapunzel’s fate would have been if she hadn’t saved herself? Or wondered what the weavers spent their money on when the emperor walked down the road naked? Then this is for you!

Laura will treat you to a performance of her own fairy tale themed work from her book Dear Ugly Sisters. Afterwards, she will lead a fairy tale poetry session bursting with tips and hints for creating your own fairy tale poetry. 

Ages 6 years+

About The Author

Headshot of Author Laura Mucha

Laura Mucha

Laura Mucha is an ex-lawyer turned poet and author. Her writing has won multiple international awards and been featured on TV, radio and public transport, as well as in hospitals, hospices, prisons, books, magazines and newspapers around the world, including virtually every newspaper in the UK.

Her books include Rita’s Rabbit, Dear Ugly Sisters, Being Me, and We Need to Talk About Love / Love Factually, which Richard Curtis describes as ‘much better and more useful than my film’. When not writing, she spends her time visiting schools around the world, teaching creative writing and working with organisations such as UNICEF to try to improve the lives of children.