Myths hold up a mirror to our past, present and future, explaining our culture, our history, our hopes and fears. In this must-see event for all Whovians and fans of myths and legends, Doctor Who writer, Richard Dinnick, brings the heroes, villains, gods and monsters of the Whoniverse to life.

For thousands of years, epic stories like the tale of princess Manussa and her giant snake Mara or the legend of the Vardon Horse of Xeriphin, have been told by Time Lords, absorbed by eager students and kept alive from generation to generation.

Join us as we explore stories that shed light on the Whoniverse, encounter strange beings from other worlds and delve deep into space and time to discover the fables of the galaxy.       

About The Speaker

Richard Dinnick

Richard Dinnick is writer of TV, books and comics for the BBC, ITV and Disney. He also has several TV dramas in development.  He has written books and short stories for Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and Stargate. Richard is now writing on Titan’s Doctor Who comic range and Legendary Entertainment is developing his first graphic novel.

About The Chair

Headshot of author Kate Fox

Kate Fox

Kate Fox is a stand-up poet and has performed everywhere from the Glastonbury Festival to Radio 4. Kate has been a radio journalist, a Victoria Wood tribute act (called Victoria Wouldn’t) and newspaper columnist and does really hold a PHD in Northerness. As well as her poetry and touring, Kate writes and campaigns about neurodiversity. She lives in Whitley Bay and is the author of Where There’s Muck, There’s Bras: The Lost Stories of The Amazing Women of the North, out now from HarperNorth.