Some may already be familiar with the Golden Age of Andalucia – the period between the eighth and 15th century that has since been referred to as a bustling hub of science, culture and societal change in Muslim-ruled Spain. However is this based on truth or a more nostalgic take on historical events?

To find out, we’re joined by Saeed Khan, Senior Lecturer of Near East & Asian Studies and Global Studies at Detroit’s Wayne State University to explore the truths, myths and rumours surrounding this much-talked-about ‘Golden Age’.

About The Academic

Saeed Khan

Saeed Khan is Senior Lecturer of Near East & Asian Studies and Global Studies of Wayne State University in Detroit, as well the Research Fellow of its Center for the Study of Citizenship. His latest publications include Global Studies: A Reader on Issues and Institutions and What’s Going on Here: US Experiences of Islamophobia between Obama and Trump, co-authored with Saied R. Ameli.

About The Chair

Syima Aslam

Syima Aslam is the founder and Director of Bradford Literature Festival, which she established in 2014. In just five years the festival has grown to a 10 day literary and cultural celebration, welcoming 70,000 visitors to Bradford annually.

Under Syima’s directorship, BLF has made a significant impact on the country’s literary landscape, hailed as ‘one of the most innovative and inspirational festivals in the UK’, bringing together literature from all genres, promoting intercultural fluency, providing a platform for marginalised voices, and reflecting the changing face of contemporary Britain through a programme which celebrates diversity, empathy and artistic excellence.