Britain has often found groups within its borders whom it does not trust, whom it feels have a belief, culture, practice or agenda that runs contrary to those of the majority. From Catholics to Jews, miners to trade unionists, Marxists to liberals and even homosexuals, all have at times been viewed, described and treated as ‘the enemy within’. Muslims are the latest in a long line of ‘others’ to be given this label.

How did this state of affairs come to pass? What are the lessons and challenges for the future and how will the tale of British Muslims develop? In her timely and urgent book, The Enemy Within, Sayeeda Warsi draws on her own unique position in British life, as the child of Pakistani immigrants, an outsider who became an insider, the UK’s first Muslim Cabinet minister, to explore questions of cultural difference, terrorism, surveillance, social justice, religious freedom, integration and the meaning of ‘British values’.

Join us for an uncompromising and outspoken discussion that will unflinchingly tackle one of the most pressing issues of our time: do British Muslims have a future in the UK?

About The Speaker

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi

Sayeeda Warsi,  Britain’s first Muslim Cabinet minister, is also a lawyer, businesswoman and racial justice campaigner and was appointed a life peer at the age of thirty-six.  In the summer of 2014 she resigned from government citing its ‘morally indefensible’ policy on Gaza.


About The Chair

Colin Philpott

Colin Philpott is a writer, producer and presenter. He is a former Director of the National Media Museum and BBC programme-maker, and ran the lobbying group Bradford Breakthrough until 2015.