Calling all Whovians! Doctor Who has been defeating monsters and saving planets for well over 50 years. Join us as we discover the secrets of the Time Lord with the writers who bring him to life.

Authors Jonathan Morris, Cavan Scott and Mike Tucker have all spent time in the Whoniverse and written thrilling new adventures, the latest of which feature the Doctor and his newest companion, Bill. With in-depth knowledge of everything Whovian, these writers will provide a unique and unrivalled insight, making this event an absolute must-see event for fans and fantasy-lovers alike.

Be prepared for a frightfully good time as we discuss everything from the Shining Men to the Night Doctor and delve into the stories of one of the universe’s best-loved heroes.

About The Speakers

Jonathan Morris

Jonathan Morris is the writer of the official Doctor Who Magazine comic strip, has written three Doctor Who novels for BBC Books and numerous audio adventures for Big Finish Productions and BBC Radio 7. He has also written for the TV sketch shows Dead Ringers and Swinging.

Cavan Scott

Cavan Scott has written for popular series such as Star Wars, Vikings, Warhammer 40,000 and, of course, Doctor Who. He is the writer of Titan Comic’s ongoing adventures of the Ninth Doctor and was one of the 2016 World Book Day authors.

Mike Tucker

Mike Tucker has written several original Doctor Who novels and a number of Merlin novelisations. Mike also works as a Visual Effects Designer, and his company – The Model Unit – recently won a BAFTA C raft Award for its miniature effects work on the 50th anniversary Doctor Who episode The Day of the Doctor.

Photo by Karen Parks.

About The Chair

David Barnett

David Barnett is an author and journalist based in West Yorkshire. His latest novel is Calling Major Tom, published by Trapeze. He writes mainly for the UK national press on books, culture and general topics, and is published regularly in the Guardian, Independent, and several magazines and online platforms.