Join Isabel as you draw and explore your way through the ancient world. What you learn at school is only half of it! Hear the stories the gods wanted you to hear, and those they didn’t! Meet powerful goddesses of war, incredible creators of planets and almighty kings in these magnificent tales of deities and heroes.  

Fall in love with mythology and the ancient world, as Isabel lets you into the secrets behind your favourite legends. So, with your pens at the ready, take a step back in time with Isabel and find out what it was really like in the ancient world. 

Ages 6 years+

About The Artist

Isabel Greenberg

Isabel Greenberg is an illustrator, writer and comic artist and the author of three graphic novels; The Encyclopedia of Early Earth, The One Hundred Nights of Hero, and Glass Town. She has also illustrated a number of children’s books, and is a lecturer at Camberwell College of Arts.