The era of the LP began in 1967 with The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper and ended in 1982 with Michael Jackson’s Thriller. During this short but transformative time, LPs became a mark of sophistication and artistic prowess, pushing musicians to test the limits of their talent, while encouraging us, the listeners, to engage with music in a new, exciting way.

In ‘A Fabulous Invention: How LPs Saved Our Lives‘, David Hepworth examines the history of vinyl and how it revolutionised the music industry. Hepworth will discuss the rise and fall of the LP and its undeniable influence on today’s musical landscape.

About The Speaker

David Hepworth

Yorkshire-born David Hepworth has been writing and broadcasting about music for over 40 years for magazines like Smash Hits and Mojo and programmes like BBC TV’s “Whistle Test”. His books 1971, Uncommon People and A Fabulous Creation are all Sunday Times best sellers.