Until recently, when you turned on the TV or sat down with the paper, there was simply news and “not news”, stories that mattered and those that did not. And then came Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and the phenomenon of “fake news”, all of which have left the world reeling and questioning whether we can really believe what we see and hear in the media. In this new world where every truth has its ‘alternative truth’, how can we tell the fact from the fiction? Truth from propaganda?

This groundbreaking event gathers together two of Britain’s most experienced and highly acclaimed political and social commentators for a close look at life in the era of fake news.

Reporting on some of the biggest national and global affairs of the last 30 years, journalist, Christina Lamb OBE and regular contributor to the international media, Afshin Shahi, have witnessed the seemingly unassailable rise of fake news and seen first-hand the frightening ramifications for human rights policies and governmental attitudes around the world.

 Join our expert panel, as they share insights and personal experiences of this new era of news and ask what the role of journalism has become and how vital it is that we preserve its integrity.

About The Speakers

Christina Lamb

Christina Lamb is a bestselling author and one of Britain’s leading foreign correspondents. She has written seven books including the bestselling I Am Malala with Malala Yousafzai. Her latest book is Farewell Kabul: From Afghanistan to a More Dangerous World. Christina is an inspirational speaker, who has given talks all over the world, and she was chosen by top-selling women’s magazine Grazia as one of its Icons of the Decade.

Afshin Shahi

Dr Afshin Shahi is a senior lecturer in Middle East politics and International Relations at Bradford University. He is a multilingual scholar and his research interests encompass sectarianism and the politics and security of the Middle East, with a particular focus on political Islam. He is the author of Politics of Truth Management in Saudi Arabia (Routledge 2013), and co-author of the forthcoming book, Iran: the Shia State and the Sunni Minority.

About The Moderator

Colin Philpott

Colin Philpott is a writer, producer and presenter. He is a former Director of the National Media Museum and BBC programme-maker, and ran the lobbying group Bradford Breakthrough until 2015.