2020 saw a spate of statue-toppling, in a near-global outcry of iconoclasm. Slaveholders were removed in America, Edward Colston ended up in Bristol Harbour and, in London, an effigy of Winston Churchill was daubed with the word ‘racist’ – but what are the stories told by these statues, and what happens to history when we decide they’re no longer relevant?

Join Alex von Tunzelmann, author of Fallen Idols, for an exploration of our relationship with statues, highlighting the often uncomfortable narratives that some of them represent and how history changes when we remove them.

About The Author

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Alex von Tunzelmann

Alex von Tunzelmann is an author, screenwriter, broadcaster, and media commentator. She lives in London. She read history at University College, Oxford, and afterwards worked as a researcher on books for authors including Jeremy Paxman, Felicity Lawrence, John Kay and Alison Wolf. Her books include the international bestsellingIndian Summer.