Writing will always be writing, but the act of finding, consuming and enjoying the written word is evolving rapidly. New writers are finding innovative ways to get their words in front of an audience, sometimes taking a totally new path, and sometimes combining new techniques with more established publishing models.

Exploring the new ways of writing are panellists Leah Moore, comic writer and project manager of experimental digital publisher Electricomics; flash fiction exponent and poet Nik Perring; author and online writing pioneer Taran Matharu; and founder of groundbreaking comics publisher PositiveNegatives, Benjamin Dix.

About The Authors

Taran Matharu

Taran Matharu wrote his first book when he was nine years old. At twenty-two, he began posting ‘The Novice’ on Wattpad (the online writing website) and reached over three million reads in less than six months. ‘The Novice’ is the first of three books in the Summoner series, and Taran Matharu’s fiction debut.

Leah Moore

Leah Moore has written comics for the last fourteen years, most recently adapting Ghost Stories of an Antiquary by MR James, and contributing to Femme Magnifique, a feminist anthology edited by Shelly Bond. Sharing script duties with her husband John Reppion, she writes Storm Warning for 2000ad, has a frustrating amount of projects that she cannot yet announce and has a regular column in Comic Heroes magazine.

Nik Perring

Nik Perring is a short story writer and author from the UK. He’s an editor, teacher of writing, mentor, sometimes poet, and children’s author too. His books include the highly acclaimed short story collection, ‘Not So Perfect’ (Roastbooks 2010), and children’s book, ‘I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do?’ (EPS, 2006). He lives in the North West of England and, so far, does not have a cat.


Ralph Dartford

Ralph Dartford is the author of Cigarettes, Beer and Love (Ossett Observer Presents 2013) and Recovery Songs (Valley Press 2019). His forthcoming third collection, Serotonin Songs will be published by Valley Press in 2021. Ralph is writer and tutor who mainly works with people who are in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. His spoken word performance show, Recovery Songs continues to tour nationally.