Roll up your sleeves, get your writing cap on and join Radiya for this fairy tale crafting workshop. 

Are you a courageous princess who single-handedly fights off the dragon while also saving a village from destruction? Or a daring prince tackling the evil wizard, using your brains and wit to outsmart him at every turn? 

Radiya grew up reading fairy tales that didn’t have brown girls like her in them. Her stories have brought tales to children who need to see themselves in all stories. She will help budding young writers construct stories with characters they can recognise. 

Ages 5 years+

About The Author

Headshot of Radiya Hafiza

Radiya Hafiza

Radiya Hafiza studied English Language and Literature at King’s College London and worked in publishing for a few years. She is behind the fantastic blog The Good Assistant. Radiya grew up reading classic Western fairy tales that never had any brown girls in them. Her debut novel Rumaysa: A Fairytale was published by Macmillan Children’s Books in 2021, bringing such stories to children who need to see themselves represented.