Join us for an evening of distinctive narratives and new perspectives with this showcase from Freedom Studios Street Voices, a writing workshop dedicated to fostering talent from the next generation’s most exciting and promising playwrights. These four new plays demonstrate each writer’s instinct for nuanced dialogue, unconventional subjects and mesmerising characters, encapsulating entire universes in just 15 minutes.

Don’t miss your chance to see these original and surprising plays making their stage debut at Bradford Literature Festival: ‘Lump’ by Kieran Launder, ‘Does That Really Go On There?’ by Kat Rose-Martin, and ‘Spirits’ by Gemma Bedeau.

About The Curators

Gemma Bedeau

Gemma Bedeau is an emerging Scriptwriter and Comic writer from Leeds. Her debut radio play ’Soon Come’ was written and performed as part of “Airplays” competition with Leeds Playhouse, Leeds College of Music and broadcast by BBC Radio Leeds in 2018. Her Blaxploitation comic series “Afroella” landed her a Glyph Award nomination for best female character and features in the Museum of Uncut Funk.

Kieran Launder

Kieran Launder is a playwright and poet based in West Yorkshire. He often explores LGBTQ+ experience(s), masculinity, northern/regional identity, mental health and other surrounding topics in his writing. Kieran has since begun co-directing Limitless Art Collective and editorially supporting LOLLIPOP. Online, Kieran can be found exploring a love for the facets of pop music and its culture on his self-created platform, the love of pop (