Join award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster, Gary Younge, as he recollects his moving and poignant journey across the USA, documenting the long history and tragic consequences of firearms in a country where, on average, seven young people are shot and killed every 24 hours.

Younge picked Saturday November 23rd 2013, entirely at random. It was just a normal day, but a day on which 10 children aged between nine and 19 happened to be shot dead in the USA. Although none of their stories made the national news, Younge gathered them together in his latest book, Another Day in the Death of America: A Chronicle of Ten Short Lives, and they paint a stark and sobering portrait of youth and guns in modern America.

Younge will discuss what gun culture could mean for children born into and growing up amidst the tensions of today’s America, with the calls of Black Lives Matter echoing in their ears and the incendiary Obama/Trump presidential transition unfolding.

About The Speaker

Gary Younge

Gary Younge is an award-winning journalist for the Guardian and The Nation magazine in the US. He was posted to the US for The Guardian for 12 years before returning to London in 2015. Younge’s previous books include The SpeechWho Are We?Stranger in a Strange Land and No Place Like Home.

About The Chair

Daniel Hahn

Daniel Hahn is a writer, editor and translator. He is the author of a number of works of non-fiction, including the history book The Tower Menagerie, and one of the editors of The Ultimate Book Guide, a series of reading guides for children and teenagers, the first volume of which won the Blue Peter Book Award.

Photo by John Lawrence