What if everything we knew about dieting, healthy eating and calorie counting was wrong? It’s this concept that forms the crux of Author Giles Yeo’s eye-opening new book, which aims to dispel some of the most common misconceptions we all fall victim to whenever we try getting into shape.

Throughout this live panel discussion and audience Q&A, Yeo pulls from his academic background as an obesity researcher at Cambridge University to rewire our understanding of diets and explain why not all calories are created equal.

By explaining why popular diet schemes often succeed – and then ultimately fail – and how our environment can impact our wellbeing, this fact-packed session will leave audiences with practical, science-based advice on how they can regain control of their eating habits.

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About The Chair

Gisela Helfer

Dr Gisela Helfer is an Associate Professor in Physiology and Metabolism at the University of Bradford. Her research interests are in the neurobiology of energy balance and biological rhythms. She is a trustee of the British Society for Neuroendocrinology and is Programme Director for the Café Scientifique in Bradford.