Believe it or not, there once was a time before mobile phones, the Internet and flat-screen TVs. A time when tweeting was something birds did, when a loaf of bread cost 4p and Blackpool were the best football team in the country.

Join award-winning storyteller and proud grandad, Richard O’Neill, as he takes a journey into the past to reveal what life was like in simpler times and to share some of the more surprising things that grandparents used to get up to.

The old days were sometimes tough, sometimes hilarious and always packed with fascinating stories. Richard’s revelations will entertain children every bit as much as their grandparents on this unmissable walk down memory lane.

About The Speaker

Richard O’Neill

Is an award-winning, 5th generation storyteller, author and national literacy hero. His upbringing in a large traditional Romany family supplies endless inspiration for his work in schools, libraries and theaters around the country. His aim is to deliver the most interesting and funny stories for all audiences.