AI, automation, and robotics in the workplace; the work landscape is something that continues to shift and working culture as a whole has morphed beyond the traditional idea of 9-5 jobs. So, what will be our place in all of this?

With deindustrialisation, the decline of trade union membership, and widespread contractual changes, including the growth of zero hours contracts and the rise of the gig economy, just how secure will any future work actually be?

Join academics Christian Spence, Miguel Martinez Lucio, Rebecca Page-Tickell and Amir Sharif, as they debate whether technology as a tool will help to enhance, diversify, or destroy the job market as we know it.

We are thrilled to host this exciting event, in partnership with the Emerald Foundation, which forms part of the Emerald Group Publishing Great Debates Series.



About The Speakers

Miguel Martinez Lucio

Miguel Martínez Lucio is a Professor at the University of Manchester and involved in the Work and Equalities Institute. He researches on issues related to worker representation, the changing role of the state in labour relations, and social and organizational change in relation to work.

Rebecca Page-Tickell