Our fairy-tale heroines and heroes have decided they’re bored of following the same old storylines and no longer want their fate to be decided by Disney. Instead, they’re ready to take back their tales and decide their own destiny.

Tired of waiting for Hansel and Gretel, the evil witch has ventured out from her candy cottage in the woods to look for some tasty children and has somehow found her way to Bradford. Luckily, Rapunzel has discovered the wicked plan and has found a way to abseil down her tower on a mission to stop the witch! Enlisting the help of witty Rumpelstiltskin and resourceful Little Red Riding Hood along the way, they’re on the lookout for some fearless friends to join them on their adventure.

This twisted tale finds our favourite fairy-tale characters on a hilarious adventure in modern-day Bradford. Your hosts promise lots of laughs as our heroes and heroines learn to adapt to the new world of the Selfie Stick; talking to the mirror on the wall is so last century when you have Siri to tell you that you’re the fairest of them all!

This is a free event – no advance booking required.