‘Each year, for as long as the forest has stood,

A contest is held for the bears of the wood…

And Fred is the champion. He’s just that good.’

Fred is the best bear in the wood – and he’s got the medals to prove it. Being the best takes a lot of hard work, and time on your own, but Fred doesn’t mind. Until a new bear moves to town, and Fred’s champion GRRRRR goes missing… How will he ever win now?

Join author Rob Biddulph for this storytelling event as we follow our hairy hero on a journey of self-discovery. Will Fred learn that some things are more important than winning?

About The Author

Rob Biddulph

Once upon a time Rob Biddulph was the Art Director of the Observer Magazine but, by night, he made up silly stories for his daughters and drew pictures to go with them. Rob has had nine picture books published and is the official illustrator for World Book Day.