Witches aren’t born, they’re made … 

After fleeing from her dreary boarding school, Cassie sets out to find her mother who she hasn’t seen in seven years. With the aid of her trusty broom and talking cat she escapes to Hedgely to live with her aunt, the Hedgewitch, who protects England from the treacherous faery folk. Here she begins her training in the practical skills of witchcraft.

Join Skye McKenna as we delve head first into the enchanted forest of the Hedge and encounter the magical creatures of Faerie. Learn about magical plants and fungi, how to protect yourself from faery tricks and take your Fledgling test to earn your witch’s hat!

Ages 9 years+


About The Storyteller

Shot of author Skye McKenna, taken outside surrounded by trees and standing behind a branch - leaning on it

Skye McKenna

Skye McKenna grew up in a mining town in the Australian outback. Surrounded by the red dust of the Pilbara, she developed a healthy respect for wild things and wild places at a young age. Seeking adventures of her own, she travelled to the UK and fell in love with the British countryside. Skye now lives in Scotland and works for a heritage charity, with whom she recently curated an exhibition on medieval magic. When she’s not reading and writing, she goes looking for stories in the hills and forests of her new home. Hedgewitch is Skye’s first novel.