The disparity between the rich and poor has never been wider, and it continues to grow at a rapid pace. The hidden world of the super-rich, with its tax havens and loopholes, remains mysterious to outsiders, begging the question: is there a scenario in which the super-rich can exist without disrupting the economic and social cohesion of the wider world?

Journalists Deborah Hargreaves and Darryl Cunningham discuss the ramifications of an outrageously large income gap and the utopia of the rich. Join us as we journey beyond the velvet rope to consider the growing wealth of the super-rich and their destabilising effect on our economy.

About The Host

Peg Alexander

Peg Alexander is a double award-nominated TV and radio presenter, event host, speaker and occasional writer. She came to broadcasting after over 20 years in campaigning, public policy, charities and regeneration, with a short spell in national politics.

About The Journalists

Darryl Cunningham

Darryl Cunningham went to Leeds College of Art and is a cartoonist and writer. His work as a health care assistant on an acute psychiatric ward inspired his book Psychiatric Tales. Science Tales was shortlisted for Best Book, British Comics Awards 2012. He lives in Yorkshire.

Deborah Hargreaves

Deborah Hargreaves is a former business editor of the Guardian. She also spent twenty years at the Financial Times. In 2012, she founded the ‘think tank’, the ‘High Pay Centre’, to monitor and campaign on inequality. She is also chair of the London Child Poverty Alliance. Last year, she wrote a book: ‘Are Chief Executives Overpaid?’