Follow historian, author and photographer, Mark Davis, to the centre of the historic Undercliffe Cemetery and discover a vast underworld of mossy mausoleums, crumbling columns and ornate obelisks.

From the resplendent Egyptian temple-tomb of radical liberal MP Alfred Illingworth to the unmarked graves of Mark’s own ancestors, Victorian Bradford’s very own city of the dead is an experience like nothing else. This unique tour will illuminate once forgotten stories and bring the rich history of the cemetery and its inhabitants back to life.

As a child, Mark found himself equally fascinated and frightened by the cemetery’s brooding Gothic architecture, a fascination that has haunted him throughout his life. As an adult, he spent five years capturing the cemetery’s atmospheric majesty for his book Necropolis, City of the Dead.

About The Host

Mark Davis

Mark Davis is an author, historian and award-winning photographer with a fascination for the lost world of Victorian Britain. His highly regarded books mostly focus on crime, deprivation and poverty.