Are you ready to unlock your inner storyteller? Noel Watkins is here to help!

With a wealth of experience of telling stories in schools, libraries, universities, clubs and festivals, Noel will give you a whistle stop tour of the oral tradition and the types of tales storytellers tell. He’ll then expertly guide you with his customary bon homme through an interactive process to make a selection of fables, folk/ fairy tales or myths entirely on your own or to craft a personal tale. There’ll be tips on how to learn, remember and perform your story.

Noel will also help you appreciate why the ancient art of storytelling will never grow old and why it remains as pertinent as ever. Expect to leave with a reminder of the trials and tribulations, the pleasure and pain of the human condition and a handy tool kit of techniques for future storytelling endeavours.

About The Author

Noel Watkins

A lover of all things creative Noel Watkins loves to engage the young and young at heart through storytelling, song and even dance! He believes stories help us understand the challenges, joys and sorrows of being human. For him, well told tales take us on journeys of imagination to distant lands, bygone times and different cultures.