We live in a manic society where most people’s lives are on permanent fast-forward. The modern workplace is characterised by a never-ending regime of restructures and budget cuts. Uncertainty prevails. Social media, school pressures, relationships and a whole load of hormones buzzing around mean that no-one is immune.

How to be Happy provides an antidote to this crazy world. The workshop uses cutting-edge research to explore how you can be you, brilliantly. Andy Cope will share some of the secrets of positive psychology and explain how learning new habits of thinking and behaviour will sustain personal brilliance. Get ready to feel re-energised and enthused for the challenges that lie ahead, no matter your age.

Whisper it quietly, but this event might just change your life.

About The Speaker

Andy Cope

Andy Cope is a best-selling author, teacher and inspirational speaker. Andy is currently studying happiness, flourishing and positivity as part of a PhD thesis. He has delivered his flagship workshop, The Art of Being Brilliant to rave reviews all over the world. His children’s book Spy Dog won the Redhouse Childrens Book of the Year award, as well as scooping the prestigious Richard and Judy award for the 7+ category and there are now 22 books in the series.