From Victor Hugo’s Esmeralda to Bizet’s Carmen, Emily Brontë’s Heathcliff to My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, the nomadic Romani-Gypsy has fascinated artists and the public alike and has been portrayed as everything from an outlaw to a romantic hero and a reality TV favourite. But what is it really like to be a Romani in the 21st century?

I-Gypsy is a one-man show from multi-award-winning storyteller and author, Richard O’Neill, that provides a fascinating and humorous insight into an upbringing in a large nomadic family and its interaction with the modern world, from the 1960s to the present day.

A thousand years of Roma history, originating in India – caravans, horses, farm work, King Henry VIII, the missing hedgehog and David Essex – all feature in this captivating show presented through stories, musings, anecdotes and pictures.

About The Speaker

Richard O’Neill

Richard O’Neill is a multi-award-winning storyteller, author and playwright born and raised in a large traditional nomadic Romani family, whose history in England and Scotland goes back hundreds of years. Richard continues the tradition of travelling across the UK and mainland Europe, delivering storytelling sessions and storytelling skills workshops at schools, libraries, festivals, universities and theatres. He has a particular interest in using literature to promote inclusion and social mobility.