Donald Trump has been elected by the people of America. Previously strong alliances are crumbling, tensions are rising and the balance of power seems to be shifting. Is this a revolution? And how will the world look in four years’ time, when Trump’s first term as leader of the ‘free’ world comes to an end?

Trump’s election success and impassioned support base will have ramifications that reach much further than America’s borders. The “us versus them” rhetoric of the Trump government and claims of bringing down the elite, reflect sentiments felt by ordinary people across the world. On top of this, world leaders from Angela Merkel to Xi Jinping are trying to decide how to respond to emerging policies of economic isolation and increased military spending.

Join event chair, Professor Paul Rogers, and panelists, Donna Lee and Sarah Perrigo, all experts in international politics and relations, as they question the effect that Trump’s nationalist agenda might have on the wider world and what he really means when he promises to “make America great again”.


About The Speakers

Donna Lee

Professor Donna Lee is Director of the Future Economies Research Centre, where she leads a large team developing research to inform and shape economic policy, working with business and policy makers in cities, regions and Whitehall. Donna has also worked with the World Trade Organisation, the World Bank, Oxfam and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Sarah Perrigo

Sarah Perrigo was a senior lecturer in the Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford. She is a political theorist who has specialised in democracy, human rights and gender and politics. She has been a member of the Labour Party since 1979 and was for 8 years a Labour councillor in Leeds.

About The Chair

Paul Rogers

Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University, International Security Advisor to the Oxford Research Group and weekly contributor to Open Democracy since September 2001.