Imposter syndrome, the sinking feeling that one’s success is undeserved or has not been legitimately achieved, affects more people than we think.

This constricting internal process can cause untold stress and anxiety and inhibit us from achieving our full potential. Kate Atkin is a leading British expert in imposter syndrome, and for nearly two decades she has instructed and inspired others to overcome their inner fears.

In this in-depth, three-hour workshop for up to 30 people, Atkin will explain imposter syndrome in a variety of contexts (the workplace, in academia, and at home) and lead discussion groups on how to overcome the imposter chatter and own our successes.

This event is sponsored by the NHS.

About The Speaker

Kate Atkin

Kate Atkin is an inspirational speaker, author of The Confident Manager, and has over 20 years’ experience as a trainer and facilitator. In 2015 she completed a masters in Positive Psychology and is currently focussing on a doctorate covering the imposter phenomenon. Kate describes herself as “not academic or clever”.