‘In Memory Of …’ is an immersive and interactive live performance which provides space to explore the rituals of loss. Your host, Khadijah Ibrahiim, will draw on her family archive to create a sacred space which reflects the cultural art of conversation to commemorate lost loves, lost histories and lost traditions. 

Artist and poet Khadijah Ibrahiim presents an exploration of her African Caribbean and Indian subcontinent heritage through a creative practice of memory and loss, sharing different stories and the rich language of poetry.

Join us in the Grief Café to commemorate the innumerable iterations of grief, share a memory of your own, and celebrate new beginnings through poetry, storytelling and the cultural art of conversation.

About The Author

Khadijah Ibrahiim

Khadijah Ibrahiim was born in Leeds of Jamaican parentage. Educated at the University of Leeds, she is a literary activist, theatre maker and published writer, who combines’ inter-disciplinary art forms to re-imagine poetry as performance theatre. Hailed as one of Yorkshire’s most prolific poets by the BBC, her work appears in university journals and poetry anthologies.  Her collection Another Crossing‘was published by Peepal Tree Press 2014. Khadijah has performed and produced art programs in the USA, Caribbean, Africa and Asia.